Hi Everyone!

If we haven’t met, my name is Amby and this is my e-commerce shop. I have collected gaming, anime and comic products I love, desire and use myself and consolidated them into one pretty cool website to make shopping convenient for everyone. It’s something I had wished existed for myself so I decided to bring it to life. I see so many content creators pushing their wishlists on supporters, so I created my wishlist and turned it into a convenient place to shop! 


Are you in control of pricing? 

Unfortunately, no.  I collaborate with merchants as an affiliate that I trust and have been a customer of myself. If any sales or promotions are directed toward me, I will be sure to update on the NerdyMerch blog .  I will also organize blog posts that focus on products with free shipping.

How do you choose products to sell?

I choose products I own and use myself, or highly desire. I love finding unique gaming, anime and comic merchandise and am consistently complimented on shirts that I wear and asked where to find them. I am also pretty heavily invested into my hobbies related to this website and love being able to make recommendations.

What If I hate my purchase? 

It is extremely important to me that you are happy with your purchase, and although I am an ecommerce business, I will directly contact merchants and look into any shenanigans myself. If I am uncomfortable as a consumer, I am DEFINITELY uncomfortable as a representative. I work with and through Amazon, and they have protective return policies. 

As NerdyMerch grows we will expand our inventory to other merchants.

Do you offer sponsored/paid reviews? 

I will never offer paid reviews. You may leave a review on this website. Honest feedback is vital in order to make NerdyMerch a safe and happy shopping experience for everyone.

Shout Outs?

If you bought something through NerdyMerch, tag #AmbyCakes or #NerdyMerch and I’ll be sure to give ya some love on our new and growing Instagram! 

If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail us at NerdyMerch@gmail.com and I promise I will respond as soon as possible! I’m also on Twitter so feel free to tweet away! – Amby

Will You Promote my Etsy Shop? 

I think it would be fantastic to promote other small businesses and am open to the idea and collaborating as long as it is relevant to the NerdyMerch niche market and family-friendly!

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